Our history...


The company was called INTERZAL back then…

Our journey with window shades started in 1993 in a rented garage in the town next to Krakow where we produced our horizontal blinds.

Having said that, the phrase ‘we produced’ is quite a misuse given the availability of machinery and spare parts. This meant more to say that we rather ‘patted’ the aforementioned blinds. Despite the limitations that the new capitalist system imposed on us, we were still doing quite well when you think some of the ‘patted’ blinds are still in place today.

The machinery on which we started our adventure would not be out of place in of a technology museum, somewhere between the telegraph and the typewriter. Today we ourselves wonder how we managed to produce anything with these ‘assets’.

Our garage corporation was growing dynamically, winning the trust of new customers. With the money we managed to save, we bought a luxurious Fiat 126p (slightly corroded) and proudly drove to our new and regular customers. And although we conducted business out of a garage, our customers were saying good things about us and recommended us to their friends, relatives and acquaintances.

When the year 1995 came, we started noticing that our luxurious garage had become slightly too small for our production, with the constantly rising number of orders.

So we decided to move our ‘heritage’ machine depot and unforgettable experiences to a more spacious garage where we were able to start the production of vertical blinds and, later, mosquito nets.

As it turned out, more and more orders were constantly placed .... which we were really happy about, and it assured us we were doing something right

Again in 1997our garage seemed too small for us..., although some claimed that that was due to the number of orders and our loyal consumer base. Now we know they were right. :)

We decided therefore to pack our bags of experiences and several hundred of scrap producing blinds to new premises in Tarnow.

These were garages, which we proudly used to call workshops, with an office area for customer service. All was held on an unimaginably large surface of 160m2. The adress was also worth mentioning: Monopolowa Street 6.

Seeing such large swathes of free space, we concluded we should start the production of outdoor roller blinds, which we did immediately. In 1998 we manufactured what was an unbelievably large number of roller blinds in those times, 400 per annum.

In 2010 with to the expansion of our business to smart systems and wider automatic control systems of outdoor shades, we felt it was time to change the name of our company.


Since then we are called INTERPROF

INTERPROFExpansion, progress and and a growing customer would mean we had to move to a new place. In 2012, we moved our production to an area that would encompass several garages from 1993 and the sales department and display. We moved to Kochanowski Street 10 in Tarnow.

In 2017, we opened a new branch in town near London called Slough. Today we produce about 12 000 outdoor roller blinds and ship them or install them in Poland and EU countries.

Despite replacing the ‘heritage’ machines with modern equipment, we are still extremely pleased with any tiny order we get, just as we were in the times we worked in one garage.

We enjoy when customers thank us for an excellent product and service. We also like our fish and chips … , so we are very happy to talk to you face to face and you are very welcome to visit us.

At the same time, we will help you to choose best product for you compete with installation by a highly-specialized team.


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