Adding an awning to your building can provide you with a valuable protection from the sun in larger areas such as terraces, balconies or outdoor restaurants.


Optical and thermal comfort

The main purpose of awnings is to provide protection from intense sun and heat. Intense sunlight directed at you can make you suffer from high temperature during the warm days so terrace awnings are a perfect solution. With our products, found out by yourself how pleasing it is to relax on a shaded terrace on a hot summer day!


Aesthetics and functionality

Not only do terrace awnings provide excellent protection, but they also create unique aesthetic look. Even the most demanding customers will be satisfied by our selection of nearly a hundred different patterns, colours and fabrics combined with aluminium structures in four colours.
In addition, awnings can be made-to-measure to suit the customer’s exact requirement, while a wide range of electrical control in combination with a weather control system ensures optimal choice of its dimensions as well as the function of the product.



Only the highest quality is our company’s motto! It is made from exclusively the highest quality aluminium alloy and impregnated fabrics from the best Western European producers. In addition, a two-year warranty period ensures safety and peace of mind.


Markiza wolnowiszącaAwning without cassette

It works perfectly on large terraces. Thanks to the simple build and robust manufacturing, it also is used in industrial installations.

This awning has folding arms which are secured on aluminium brackets and executed with the pressure casting technique.

The precision with which articulated joints are manufactured and the resistant Flyer plate link chain in the arms ensure its durability and reliable operation. A central support for the roller tube compensates for any tube deflection, thus providing good fabric tension in the case of wide awnings. The structure is supported by a square steel beam that provides relative freedom for the bracket location, making the mounting of the awning surprisingly easy.

The structure of the awning is powder lacquered in white, beige, brown, and silver with graphite finish.


Markiza półkasetowaSemi-cassetted awning

This is an elegant cassette awning, which sits perfectly over the terraces. The special design of the arm brackets enables to raise the arms upwards, and the cassette closes tightly, shielding the rolled fabric.

The precision with which articulated joints are manufactured and the resistant Flyer plate link chain in the arms ensure its durability and reliable operation.

The use of spring supports for the roller tube provides good fabric tension of the awning. The structure of the awning is powder lacquered in available colours such as white, beige, brown and silver.

Palladio combines the characteristics of a cassette awning and a square beam-based construction. Such solution allows us to fully take advantage of the functionalities of cassette awning, thereby simplifying its installation.


Markiza naokienno – balkonowaWindow and balcony awning

This type of awning is perfect for shading and protecting window recesses, shop windows, balconies, terraces and verandas.

Its aluminium drop arms are equipped with a spring which put the fabric in tension and prevents the arms from folding under wind pressure.

Therefore, Italia can be mounted in places where the strength of the surface excludes the use of a terrace awning with folding arms.

Its light structure makes its installation very easy. Structural elements are powder lacquered in white colour.


Markiza poręczowaBalcony awning

This type of awning is an aesthetic solution for protection from the sun. It is also a very practical decoration for balconies, terraces and balcony niches.

The characteristic arms for this awning are fixed to the balcony balustrade. Their construction allows adequate adjustment of the angle of inclination.

There are hooks at the top and bottom ends of the arms that latch onto the front bar with fabric. Suitable fabric tension is achieved by rolling-up any excess fabric.

The light design of the awning makes its installation very easy. Balustrade arms give more freedom for installation on balconies. The structure is powder lacquered in white colour.








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