Garage doors

Garage doors have a great impact on the house appearance because of their dimensions.

It is therefore important to think carefully about how they are going to match the exterior of the property.

Afterwards, the decisions over their opening mechanism and fitting can be made. It ensures best thermal and acoustic isolation inside the room.


Roller garage doors

By choosing roller garage doors, you can benefit to a great extent. Firstly, you save a great deal of space. The space needed for the roller doors to be built in and function was limited to minimum. Thanks to the compact build (vertical guiding and no ceiling guide rails), roller garage doors provide an excellent solution to small garage and short driveways. The space that you save under the sealing can be used as you wish, for instance, for hanging skis or storing fishing rods. Secondly, these are doors without a threshold. The lower bead rubber seal perfectly adheres to the floor; it ensures good room insulation and compensates for any irregularities of the ground. Thirdly, the emergency opening crank mechanism enables you to open and close the door easily in the case of the power shortage.

Roller garage doors are equipped with an electric motor with an exterior and interior key switch in the standard package. You can drive into your garage safely and comfortably regardless of the weather when you order the optional remote control function. You will open the garage doors with one finger. One click and you are in! Thanks to the photoelectric cell and the emergency brake, the operation of the garage doors is kept under rigorous control. Also, the system of transmitter coding ensures that your home remains secure when you have garage doors with the remote control function, providing you and your family with maximum security.


Brama garażowa uchylna Tilt garage door

Our tilt garage doors have many advantages. Their main asset is modern, stable and durable build, which provides security and convenience. We attended to your personal needs to open the garage door effortlessly by using a set of carefully selected tensioning springs – the garage door is more flexible.

When you decide to purchase the tilt garage door, you can rest assured that the system of shielded tensioning springs inserted will enable its safe operation. The two-point locking system gives a guarantee to lock the garage door even by absent-minded people. There is no question about it – the door leaf never jams or blocks – its flow is guaranteed by self-adjusting rollers. Quick and cost-effective solution! If you are interested in a fast and cheap purchase, we suggest the garage door with standard dimensions and basic fittings. Our garage door NOVUM is the cheapest available on the market!

Brama garażowa segmentowaSectional garage door

The best thermal and acoustic insulation in the room is provided by panels with suitable thickness filled with polyurethane foam, as well as a door sealing all around the perimeter of the garage door. Heat transmission coefficient U for the UniPro sectional garage door stays at U= 1.07 W/m2xK. The chamber gasket helps avoid using a threshold, as well as minimising the effect of uneven flooring. The Wisniowski garage door was designed in such a way that you will be able to operate it safely! Firstly, the panel with a shape protection prevents from trapping fingers. Now you can open and close the door confidently by moving your hand over the curtain even in places where panels join together. Secondly, the safety system of springs mounted in guide rails above the entrance is in place. Thirdly, it is equipped with a safety brake and photocells.




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