Horizontal blinds

If you are looking for the cheapest solution on the market with its full functionality, horizontal blinds will be a perfect choice.

They are the oldest form of window shading, which thanks to their ease of use make them the most widespread modern method of window shading.

The first shades that our company, and many others, fitted in Polish houses in the 90s were in fact horizontal blinds. Aluminium horizontal blinds regulate natural light and insure privacy by shielding the interior from outside gazes without blocking out natural light.

Their popularity was such that they were fitted nearly in all the windows. They are extremely solid, so much so that our customers tell us that even blinds fitted more than ten years before still work without any complaints.


Aluminium horizontal blinds

All aluminium blinds can have side guiding in the form of a nylon wire or steel line, which prevents the blind from drifting sideways when you open the window. As an alternative to the so-called wire guiding system, there are magnets or supports of the bottom rail. 16mm and 25mm blinds can be manufactured in full colour which means that aluminium slats, cords, ladders and top and bottom rail will be in the same colour. 25 mm blinds are manufactured in two systems: glass surface mounted blinds and inter-pane blinds. Other types are manufactured in the former system.


Aluminium blinds 16mm

They are made of a 16mm wide aluminium tape. This width is quite a new solution for this type of shading. Slats are arranged more densely than in the 25mm type as there are approximately 90 slats per metre. The latest collection contains 28 colours including plain, brocade and mottled.


Aluminium blinds 25mm

They are made of a 25mm-wide aluminium tape, which is the most common width. In the latest collection, there are 47 colours of the tape including plain, brocade, wood effect as well as louvers. There are approximately 44 slats per metre.


Aluminium horizontal blinds 50mm

They are made of a 50mm-wide aluminium tape. This width is perfectly suited for the commercial sector. Their high-impact looks and functionality enables to create comfortable working conditions. In modern interiors, they create ideal decoration and enable to conceal the whole window recesses. The collection contains 16 colours of the tape.


Wooden horizontal blinds

The main advantage of wooden blinds is their natural beauty. The variations of its shades is intensified by the process of natural discolorations and the different grains of the wood, go down like a dream with other elements of the interior as well as with the window frames.

General characteristics of the wooden blinds:

  • High level of aesthetics

  • Slats 25mm or 50mm wide, made of a high-quality natural wood

  • Two systems of the wooden blinds: CLASSIC with a wooden section covering the steel top rail in colour close to the slats and RETRO, without the covering section but with the stylised mechanism in medallion colour

  • Covering of the top rail, bottom rail and the accessories made of wood in colour close to the slats

  • As a norm, tape ladder in colour close to the slats, however, a string ladder is also a possibility

  • Possibility to use side guiding (in the form of a nylon wire)

  • After folding the blinds, the slat packet takes about 10% of the height plus top and bottom rail

  • A wide selection of colours for the wood





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