Pleated blinds

Pleated blinds – also known as plisse - are a type of window shades that effectively prevent rooms and offices from excessive heat and glare. Compared to classic roller blinds or blinds, pleated blinds enable to cover any part of the window while drawing the fabric both from bottom and from the top (bottom-up blind option). Pleats have 16 variants, including inserts to oddly-shaped windows (triangles, trapeziums, semi-circles).

The pleats’ great functionality coupled with the wide range of fabrics enhances the protection from the sunlight and gives the rooms a new, unique appearance.


Pleats standard

  • Bottom-up blind system

  • Operating handle allows for smooth operation in any position

  • They can be used in all types of windows, including roof windows, winter gardens and glass roof constructions

  • Possibility to use in unusually-shaped windows, such as: triangles, trapeziums, ovals.

  • They take up less room compared to other types of blinds after folding

  • They perfectly fit into spaces restricted by glazing beads. In doing so, they do not hamper the opening of windows or a balcony doors

  • Easy mounting and dismantling (e.g. for washing windows)

  • A wide selection of fabrics


Roof pleats

Pleated shades can be used in all kinds of windows, including roof windows, winter gardens and other roof glass structures – this is the most versatile product.

  • Effectively shades roof windows

  • Recommended everywhere where other shades fail to pass an exam.

  • Enables to cover any part of the window - drawing the pleat from bottom or top.

  • Possibility to use in the windows of non-standard shapes, such as: triangles, trapeziums and so on

  • Available option with two fabrics – much more shading options

  • A choice of 250 fabrics

  • Very easy mounting and dismantling





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