Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds (verticale) protect rooms perfectly from the intense sunlight fully or partially. They provide not only a functional solution to heat, but also give elegance to the interior of your room. Vertical blinds (verticale) are made of low profile PVC or aluminium rail in a white colour.


The most important advantages of the vertical blinds are:

  • They allow to regulate precisely the amount of light coming inside without having to draw the blinds

  • A wide range of colours enables you to match the blinds with you interior decoration

  • Thanks to their light build (vanes made from fabric 127mm or 89mm wide) blinds can be perfectly fitted into larger glass areas

  • They protect the interior from excessive heating and UV radiation effects

  • The high quality of the materials guarantees a long-lasting and problem-free use

  • A wide range of colours


A wide selection of fabrics

We stock a selection of 100 fabrics permanently, which, depending on your needs, are characterized by various features as well as the most unique design. All the fabrics have obtained the Hygienic Approval and are certified by the National Institute of Hygiene. Some of the materials also passed a Non-Combustibility Approval and are certified by the Fire Testing Department.





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