Roman blinds

Roman blindsrolety-rzymskie

Roman blinds are the perfect combination of best properties of net curtains and roller blinds. Roman blinds are the perfect way to add an extra element to the interior decoration. With a wide range of fabrics and various finish options available, they frequently catch the eye of onlookers with their unique and distinctive appearance.

Various types – various uses

There is a very wide selection of fabrics so Roman blinds can be sewn from any kind of fabric. Using light transparent fabrics, the blind perfectly imitates a traditional net curtain. By using for instance curtain fabrics, it will function like a traditional roller blind. Their characteristic features are small horizontal tunnels with stiffener rods inside. This mechanism causes the rolled blind to form parallel and straight pleats. Thanks to a cord mechanism running the whole length, the blind can be lifted and rolled up with pull chains on the side, like with standard roller blinds. There are various mounting solutions of these blinds such as: directly onto the window sash, on to the wall or the ceiling under the window. Alternatively, there are also roller blinds on suspenders, which are hung directly onto the curtain rails. To avoid losing their charming appearance when opening the window, tensioning cables can be used. With these cables, the Roman blind still stays parallel to the window surface. Roman blinds can be a great addition to any kind of the interior due to their versatile fabrics as well as frills or lace sewn onto the bottom of the roller blind.

Functionality and aesthetics

Roman blinds look amazing in both modern and stylish interiors, creating unique atmosphere and ideally fitting in the room’s decoration. They are also an excellent solution for smaller rooms where there is not enough space for traditional curtains. Their functionality and easiness to keep clean are not to be underestimated. Roller blinds can easily be taken off the window and washed gently at 30 degrees. Obviously, stiffener rods must be taken out prior to wash. This is undoubtedly a great advantage over traditional roller blinds whose cleaning is not so easy and enjoyable.

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