System Veranda

The Veranda system is designed to cover flat horizontal or inclined surfaces like conservatories or skylights. The built-in tightening system keeps the fabric constantly in tension, even on large surfaces. This system is designed for both indoor and outdoor use.


Technical characteristics:

  • maximal dimensions: 4.5m in width, 5m in height

  • construction in any colour from RAL palette

  • electric drive

  • fabric tensioning system

  • modular mounting

  • the veranda system is designed to cover conservatories or skylights


Use cases

Glazed, horizontal or sloped roofs and conservatories


Energy saving

Veranda system prevents indoor spaces from overheating, thereby reducing to a great extend the need for air-conditioning.


Optical comfort

Thanks to their properties, fabrics such as HIGH-T-TEX effectively limit the formation of contrasts when sun rays enter the room.


High quality and functionality

A solid construction and the usage of the highest quality fabrics guarantee the durability of the roller blinds. A special fabric tensioning system enables Veranda to work effectively on both inclined and flat surfaces.


Convenient mounting solutions

The use of aluminium mounting brackets ensures a fast and simple mounting system.

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