So-called Smart Homes solutions are becoming an increasingly popular way to improve the functionality of the devices and appliances in your home.

IO Homecontrol Somfy technology is a smart installation, which helps manage your home from any place in the world, by two- way communication.



Easy-to-connect technology for your house io-homecontrol®, easy and cheap technology ensuring smart living.


Full compatibility from the start


Certified products are fully compatible as they use the same standard of communication.

On installation, new equipment is recognized by other products, which have already been installed in your house. Compatibility is instant and effective and does not require any other adjustment, apart from programming the protocols you need.

By combining several products with io-homecontrol® Certificate under one roof, you are able to get coordinated programming of protocols customised to your own needs and every-day habits.

Their single remote control system enables to control products of multiple brands and manage their all functions, individually or in groups.

Mutual compatibility of products with io-homecontrol® Certificate encompasses all their functions, including verification and confirmation of commands (feedback control). For instance, it is possible to set up an alarm, roll down shutter blinds and turn the lights on simultaneously.


Easy control of your home with single remote control system.

Home can be equipped with products which are compatible with the io-homecontrol® technology gradually, in accordance to needs in terms of easy modification, combining, complementing or improving the installation. This technology can be applied in new or renovated buildings, always with full compatibility guaranteed.

io-homecontrol® - modular and future proof technology. It becomes more and more popular among companies, which offer better functionality and product specifications to their customers.


Your Home – Now personalized to your needs.

Thanks to the io-homecontrol® technology, the installation of your home automation system can begin and you choose according to your needs and equipments with devices, needs … and budget. It can be expanded in response to a change in requirements.

Plus no 1: wireless technology eliminates the need for drilling in the walls or laying down cables to install the hub!

Plus no 2: If you choose to install a product with the io-homecontrol® Certificate, you cover costs only for the installation! The io-homecontrol® enables you to prioritize independently, maintaining control over budget at the same time.

Maintenance is reduced to a minimum thanks to the reliability of the products of partner brands with io-homecontrol® Certificates.


Technology created by specialists

io-homecontrol®, highly efficient technology created by specialists in home technology.

Leading brands with highly efficient technology – partner brands took advantage of the proven quality of their products and their recognised competence to implement io-homecontrol® technology.

Ciat, Atlantic Group, Honeywell, Niko, Overkiz, Secuyou, Somfy, VELUX, WindowMaster  - these are brands that offer compatible products throughout Europe, ensuring their wide presence and sales assistance.

Intelligence built in the product – integration of a two-way radio technique into every certified product is the most characteristic feature of the io-homecontrol® solution.

Such systematic integration ensures easy installation, control, and compatibility of the product, as well as guarantees optimal maintenance and safety.

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